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"The Future of Short-Term Rentals (in Question?)"
Without a doubt, standing at the epicenter of the coronavirus is the travel industry. Airlines, hotels, and a fleet of offshoot industries are now coping with the virus’s severe downstream effects. One particularly curious case study, however, is the evolving interaction between the Coronavirus and short-term rentals. At first thought, a business model that champions the democratization of lodging seems like a virus’s best friend — and one notably at risk.

However, the impact of the Coronavirus on global short-term rental markets is becoming significantly more complex with a good deal of nuances.

Join ICOR on July 8th, as we look at "The Future of Short-Term Rentals (in Question?)"

Monthly Meeting: "The Future of Short-Term Rentals (in Question?)"

Joining ICOR for July Meeting will be Kellen Kruse, AirDNA & Dana Lubner, Effortless Rental Group, a Colorado hospitality provider, specializing in short-term rental and boutique hotel management. Also, joining us will be a Colorado Short Term Rental Investor as we cover:
• Stats, Trends, & Overall market Short Term Rental Market prior to 3/13?
• What Happened, in terms of fallout or response to COVID-19?
• What have we seen from Mar 13th to Date in terms of correction & response?
• A snapshot of how the short-term rental market looks as a result.
• How do STRs look to fare in the next 6 months, 12 months, and beyond?
• Overall, best practices and the new landscape for Property Mgmt. of STR?

Jul 8, 2020 06:00 PM in Mountain Time (US and Canada)

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